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The origins of the Campus

Esclat Gospel Singers was born in 2000 from the Esclat music school in Manresa, by Ramon Escalé and Jaume Badrenas, at a time when very little was known about gospel in Catalonia.
Five years later with the aim of spreading and promoting the gospel genre in our country, the Gospel Campus was born in Rajadell. Organized by Esclat Gospel Singers and the Rajadell Town Council. The Campus was created to offer an extraordinary space to discover, share and enjoy gospel music for a few days to everyone from all over the world.

Since then, the interest and desire to learn and make gospel music has been growing, so that the Rajadell Gospel Campus has become an unavoidable reference point and a must for gospel lovers.

Throughout all these years, little by little we have been learning how to make the Campus an unforgettable musical and vital experience, while we have also wanted, as we have grown, to innovate certain aspects in order to surprise the campusines and campusins.

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