Clifton Grep & Gospel Re-Experience

Clifton Grep

Clifton Grep, the heart and soul behind Gospel Re-Experience, is a multi-talented music leader with a mission: to unite people through the power of gospel music. Growing up as the son of a preacher, Clifton’s passion for music was nurtured by the joyful sounds of gospel that filled his childhood and church experiences. While honing his skills on classical violin, he also flourished as a church pianist/organist. It was there that his leadership qualities emerged, inspiring him to find innovative ways to share his love for gospel music and bring the congregation together in joyful song.

Driven to share this spirit of unity beyond the church walls, Clifton continued his musical journey, honing his skills and leadership through various experiences. After moving to the Netherlands from Curaçao, Clifton’s passion for gospel music led him to lead numerous choirs and singing groups, fostering a love for the genre in countless voices. This experience culminated in the founding of the BlackGospel Experience project, where he collaborated with talented artists from across the Netherlands. This initiative ignited a fire, and Clifton went on to organize numerous gospel concerts, spreading the joy and power of the genre throughout the country.

Clifton’s infectious enthusiasm and vibrant arrangements are his signature. More than just a conductor, he’s a leader who creates a space for connection through the uplifting power of gospel music.

At Campus Gospel Rajadell, Clifton and his act Gospel Re-Experience will take you on a journey that celebrates the timeless soul of gospel. Get ready to be captivated by their unique sound and the joyful spirit Clifton inspires.

Gospel Re-Experience

Embark on a journey with Gospel Re-Experience, a Dutch collective that brings gospel music with their electrifying blend of soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and a touch of crossover flair. Prepare to be captivated by their powerful vocals, soaring harmonies, and infectious grooves that will have you dancing in the aisles. Their performance is not just a concert; it’s an experience that transports you to a realm of joy and spiritual awakening.

Driven by a deep-rooted passion for Black American gospel music, Gospel Re-Experience blends traditional gospel songs and modern elements, creating a sound that is captivating and uplifting.
Comprised of exceptional singers and musicians who have graced the stages of renowned artists, events, television and numerous concerts, Gospel Re-Experience brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every performance. Their musical journey spans far beyond the stage, with each member having a rich history of performing in various ensembles, directing choirs, and contributing to professional productions.

Guiding this inspiring act is seasoned Music Director Clifton Grep. For the Campus Gospel Rajadell concert, their core ensemble of two phenomenal lead vocalists, three backing vocalists and musicians will also be joined by their dynamic GRE project choir from the Netherlands.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of gospel music or simply looking for a fun night out, get ready for a special experience that will leave you feeling happy and wanting more after the last note fades.

Gospel Re-Exp
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