Gospel meets Flamenco

Gospel and Flamenco…two seemingly distant worlds in the geography of sounds but with more points of connection than we could initially assume: passion, strength, lament, joy, visceralness, authenticity… And this is evident in an original, bold, and enthusiastic proposal. From old Spirituals to contemporary themes, this project is the result of a year of intense collective work, delving into the roots of both musics, to project themselves towards a mestizaje where the two worlds complement and enrich each other, where the melismas and aromas of flamenco are naturally adopted. The depth of jondura and soul establish a suggestive alliance between Afro-American blackness and the seductive warmth of voices and sonorities pregnant with the south.

After almost a decade of experimentation and discovery, and after taking their proposal to every corner of our country, Paula Domínguez and Ramón Escalé take a decisive step forward in this fusion and portray in an ambitious montage the logical evolution of their work, counting on some of the most outstanding emerging figures of flamenco that is being developed in Catalonia, as well as consolidated names from the local scene of Afro-American music. The result is a formation filled with great musicians who bring all their baggage to make a blend rarely achieved in its fullness possible. This formation, steeped in modernity, is in a new space with musicians from different cultures and backgrounds where the origins of both musics with deep roots and tradition converge and at the same time give rise to an innovative amalgam where jondura and soul, duende and holyghost coexist harmoniously.

Gospel meets Flamenco
elements decoratius

Paula Domínguez

Voice & "palmas"

Anna Colom

Voice & "palmas"

Carmen Cortés

Voice & "palmas"

Martí Serra

Tenor & Soprano Sax

Marc López

Guitarra flamenca

Ismael Alcina


David Domínguez


Ramon Escalé

Organ, arrangements
& direction