Campus 2022

After two years of mandatory break, we can say that the desire we have to come back to relive the excitement of Campus days has multiplied by a thousand! That’s why we want to go back with people we know, with new people, with people who want to discover what the Campus is… The activities for this 16th edition are as follows.




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What is the Campus?

The Campus is a weekend of experiences, three days filled with activities (workshops, concerts…) to inmerse yourself into the world of gospel, with the help of the best guest artists, culminating with the participation of the participants in the Gran Cor del Campus in the closing ceremony. In short, a few days of conviviality in a magical setting, with music as a guiding principle for all participants.

Who can participate?

The Gospel Campus is open to anyone interested in music and more specifically in the gospel genre. No minimum musical studies are required to participate, although it is advisable to have some basic knowledge in order to get the most out of the workshops. The minimum age is 18.

Arriving on Thursday, is it possible?

As many students come from far away from Rajadell, we offer you the possibility of arriving the day before the start of the activities, inviting you to lunch and making it easier for you to settle in at the chosen accommodation. After the welcome dinner, there is an Open Session where, in an improvised way, the Campus artists interact with invited singers and musicians from home. Enjoying when the magic of the first evening encourages creation and spontaneity among all the participants.

Which workshops will there be?

The workshops are the central axis of the Campus’ pedagogical activity, and it is where, edition after edition, we innovate, expand and add new approaches, repertoires and techniques. This year they will be given by: Dexter Walker, Cinque Cullar, Didier Likeng, Eirik Kaasa and Ramon Escalé.

What about the concerts?

To experience the live atmosphere of gospel music, every evening there is a concert which, unlike the workshops, is open to the general public. The concerts are held in the Plaça de l’Església, the nerve centre of the old town of Rajadell. You will find detailed information in the Concerts section.

What is Sunday Service?

In the participatory style that characterizes these meetings, we will share the deep spirituality of the Church Service of the Afro-American communities with reflections and music amid nature.

How do the meals work?

You will find details in the Registration section. The dinners and lunches, five meals in total, are optional and cost 10 € each. The snacks, including the chocolate milk on Sunday, are offered free of charge to the campusins. The highlight of the Campus is the Campusinaire Paella, a lunch of brotherhood between participants and organizers. As a token of gratitude, the villagers of Rajadell are also invited.

Where can I sleep?

This is also well explained in the Registration section. The organization offers a limited number of places for communal accommodation in the old schools of the village and in a camping area.

What people do at Panxing Time?

Nothing! That’s what we call the rest hour…

What complementary activities are there?

Every day you can go to the swimming pool for free, visit the Celler el Molí of our collaborator Collbaix or take part in the film forum that we will be launching this year.

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